Participation in an ICO is a high-risk activity although this ICO, in particular, is aimed at experienced professionals who are used to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and other markets, forex markets, instruments such as stocks and derivatives.

The mission of World Family Coin is to develop great tools and services that help our users to have greater visibility using simplicity and transparency.

We believe that a fair relationship with our users is extremely important. Therefore, we are committed to protecting your privacy and communicating how to collect and process data in a transparent manner.

This Privacy Policy describes how World Family Coin collects and processes personal information. The policy applies when you use our websites, mobile applications, online products, software plug-ins and native software.

Buyers can be contacted by e-mail from the Company.

These e-mails will be for informational purposes only, the Company will not ask the Buyers for any information in an e-mail.

Any buyer who buys WFC tokens recognizes the technology and economic uncertainty of the project presented in this White Paper.

Therefore, the buyers are aware of the absence of legal actions against the company in case of failure, non-execution or non-implementation of the project, as well as in the case of the WFC token losing part or even all of its value.

No other rights are transferred to the ICO, the only obligation of the company is to distribute the WFC token under the conditions set out in the White Paper.

The information contained in this white paper and in the purchase documents will not constitute an offer to sell or an invitation, publicity or solicitation of an offer to purchase WFC tokens.

During the ICO, the company cannot be held responsible for any of the following reasons:

 -   Use of the service not in accordance with the applicable White Paper terms.

 -   Errors, malfunctions, harmful actions, violations of the White Paper and the Terms of it by the user, a third party or

    of a service controlled by a third party.

All direct or indirect damage that may occur during operations:

-    Cryptocurrency losses, financial profits or losses or other standard damages.

-    The loss of control, of the access credentials of the users that would lead to a fraudulent use of the tokens, any reason (error

    technical, loss of access, hacking, unwanted disclosure)

-    Computer error resulting in data loss.

-    The temporary or permanent suspension of the service, whatever the cause, and above all because of a request from the public

    authority, judicial authority or third party.

-    Users' professional activity, lack of compatibility between the specificity of the service and the needs of the customers.

In general, all damages whose cause does not depend on the WFC company.

By participating in this ICO, the buyer is aware of and accepts the risks in relation to safety and the potential lack of economic results, the buyer declares to be aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction.

Early stage project: the ICO aims to finance an innovative project based on a new technology whose future developments are unpredictable.

Therefore, the buyer accepts the risk of non-fulfillment of the project for technical, economic or legal reasons.